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本気で泣いて 本気で笑って 本気で悩んで 本気で生きて

Time for Hiatus
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Hi, Welcome to my journal :) For a brief intro of myself, it would be an Aquarius Himono-Onna, hehe. Into further details, I live on traveling, photography, food, shopping, seeing pretty things, reading and listening to music, hanging out and laughing with my girlfriends and watching dramas. Overall, just enjoying life to the fullest <3
My other side...I am just a typical girl with a not so typical (aka unhealthy)obsession named Arashi. I've been a fan of Arashi more years than I ever could imagine. Surprisingly, I am a nino-bait at first for his sho-chan character from Stand Up!!, even though Pi was my intention for watching it, haha. Then along the way, I felt in love with a group of 5 baka named Arashi especially a smarty pants yet a failure in sport named Sakurai Sho. I am grateful that these five have been there through my ups and downs and kept laughter in my life.
So in this journal, of course you will find me talking about the boys. In addition, I will share bits and parts of my life (and rants). Yoroshiku ne! m(_ _)m

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